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Are you ready to meet your highest self?

One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching

You Are Not Broken.

Dear One,

If you are reading this, chances are you recognize that a part of your life is out of balance. It is not my job to fix you because you are not broken. You are still whole and powerful beyond measure. You may wonder how I know this. It is a fundamental truth that took me decades to understand. It took many painful twists and turns before I embraced the fact that all of nature is imbued with pure light. Therefore, so am I. One reason this simple truth was so hard for me to accept was that everywhere I turned I was being told that I did not measure up. This is true for women everywhere. In fact, the messages of inequality of women are so pervasive that the dishonoring of woman has been normalized. On average, women are more likely to have medical concerns dismissed by doctors. They must work harder at their jobs than their male counterpart while earning less.  They are also more likely to put forth more effort into their relationships than their partners.

I promise to support you.

 Throughout my life I diligently followed all the rules and yet did not feel confident in any area of my life. What I did not realize was that by listening to the masses rather than trusting my own inner-knowing I was dishonoring myself and causing myself further harm. Does this sound familiar? If so, perhaps it’s time you began your own journey to meet your highest self.

If you allow me to walk beside you, I promise to support you along your path towards a life that better aligns with your inner wisdom. You are already so much more than good enough. Any false beliefs you hold that contradicts this statement are coming from lies heaped upon you from those that have given up their own innate power. I am asking you to allow me to hold up the looking glass for you so that your radiant light can be revealed. Embarking on the endeavor of healing your life will require heart, wisdom, and courage.

All of which I promise resides within you.

 I would be honored to be your guide!

~ Opal

woman preparing personal goals for One to One Coaching session online

Are you ready to reveal your radiant light?

Let’s embark on this together. 

I will walk beside you and support your path towards a life that better aligns with your inner wisdom.

Start with 1 session or commit to 10 sessions for a savings of $75!

1 session = $130 OR 10 sessions = $1,225

I like to speak with all of my clients beforehand, so if you are ready to purchase, email me via the link below and let’s connect!