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We all need healing

One to One Coaching

I will walk beside you and support your path towards a life that better aligns with your inner wisdom.

60 minute session


Buy 10 sessions

$1,225 (a $75 savings)

One to one coaching for women seeking compassionate self healing and personal growth
Women at Wisdom Group which supplements therapy sessions

Women's Wisdom Group

Doing the deep work within a community in which members all support one another.

2 hour sessions/13 week series

$ 2,730

Somatic Chakra Dance

Pieces of music are woven together to move us through states of consciousness and bring us into balance within ourselves.

90 minute classes

$ 50.00

ecstatic woman learning somatic chakra healing dance
women at intro to digital vision boards class mapping out goals to manifest for personal growth

Intro to Digital Vision Boards

We all have dreams. In this class you will learn a step-by-step method for achieving your desired goals

90 minute session

$ 50.00