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Are you ready to heal your life?

Somatic Chakra Healing Dance

ecstatic woman learning somatic chakra healing dance

Welcome Home.

Somatic Chakra Healing Dance is a profoundly transformative healing modality. This practice is steeped in ancient traditions in which the principles carry over perfectly to modern life. The seven major chakras are invisible energy centers in the body that correlate with the basic states of consciousness. Pieces of music are weaved together to move us through states of consciousness and bring us into balance within ourselves. An integral part of what makes the experience of Somatic Chakra Healing Dance so magical is the vibrational energy of the collective community.

This barefoot freestyle dance class is set to music of several genres. There are no choreographed steps to follow and no pace to keep up with. Each week’s playlist is an eclectic mix of music derived from multi-cultural and multi-generational influences from around the globe. In this practice we utilize tools from Jungian psychology, somatic therapy, and spirituality in order to release trapped emotions from the body.

It’s like meeting yourself for the 1st time!

How I know it works

Several years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that left me acutely and chronically ill. According to modern medicine I have an incurable, debilitating and progressive disease. My desperate search for a way to live an active vibrant and full life lead me to all the components that I have incorporated into one therapeutic modality. I have taught myself how to defy all the odds and live my life on my terms as the vivacious woman I always knew myself to truly be.  I have packaged the techniques, tools and modalities that have helped me live my most authentic life into this ninety minute class.  Do I believe Healing Chakra Dance can be life-changing for other people? I bet my life on it!

Woman at Somatic Chakra Healing Dance class

Are you ready to heal your life? Are you ready to have fun? YES! Then come dance with me!

Pieces of music are woven together to move us through states of consciousness and bring us into balance within ourselves.

90 minute classes = $ 50.00

I like to speak with all of my clients beforehand, so if you are ready to purchase, email me via the link below and let’s connect!