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Let's support one another

Women's Wisdom Wellness Group

womens wellness group attendee

We all need healing.

  • Are you doing talk therapy with a therapist?
  • Are you proactive about every aspect of your health?
  • Are you often at a complete loss in dealing with people?
  • Do you still find yourself falling into maladaptive patterns?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, this women’s wisdom wellness group may be a good fit for you.  Doing the deep work within a community in which members all support one another has proven to be extremely transformative.

A requirement for becoming a member of this group is that you are regularly (at least once a month) seeing a licensed therapist. This group is not meant to replace therapy, but to supplement your therapy sessions through a group setting.

This group belongs to those individuals who are fully invested in their own wellbeing and prepared to do the work it takes to create lasting change. In this modern world of hustle and bustle, the revered tradition of holding space for one another has nearly vanished. This group is a safe place where we can all be seen and heard.

This group will be a small closed group in which members sign up for a series of 2 hour meetings that run weekly. Each series will last approximately 13 weeks.

Women at Wisdom Group which supplements therapy sessions

Are you ready to transform your life?
Let’s support each other!

Doing the deep work within a community in which members all support one another.

2 hour sessions/13 week series = $2,730

I like to speak with all of my clients beforehand, so if you are ready to purchase, email me via the link below and let’s connect!